Composition. Light (2009)

The glass composition restores the destroyed wall of one of the rooms of the ruins in Chersonese, bringing a bright spot into the space of a house built in IV – III centuries B.C. The glasses reflect the sunlight and cast glares onto the house wall, building a corridor of light spots. The lightful coloured rectangles, reflected, rhyme with the shapes of the bricks and with the wall brickwork, borrowing the textures of the latter. At certain hours, the spots line up as window reflections on the walls, so well familiar to townsmen, which creates the illusion of the ancient city still being inhabited. To the opposite side, the glasses cast colourful shadows onto the room’s earth floor. The design uses the antique world’s palette of red, yellow, white, and black colours. Following the sun movement, this reference to suprematist compositions is in constant, though hardly visible, motion, too. As if searching for its position within the space, it is changing its shapes and groping for the bounds – from every sunrise till each of the sunsets.

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